Monday, May 16, 2011

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Don't Mess With My Mise is coming soon!

The title is inspired by what I think of as "cook's OCD" - I want to cook in my kitchen with my knives and my favorite mixing bowls and my seasoned cast-iron pan. So what happens when, as a very active cook and food blogger, all that goes away?

I'm relocating to Edinburgh, Scotland, for graduate school, so all I'll have is my beloved chef's knife and whatever I can scrounge up once I get there. The dorm where I'll live has a kitchen, sort of - no cutlery or pots and pans - but I'll have a stove, at least. I'm not sure that hot-plate cuisine is something I'd be willing to attempt.

So, in a departure from my well-equipped and somewhat spoiled norm over at The Vegan Home Chef, this project will be about the pursuit of local flavors, Edinburgh's food culture, and having to live without a kitchen for a while.

Visit in September for pictures and recipes, explorations of local cuisine, artisan ingredients, and weird culture in Edinburgh and beyond.